SAFARI RENT-A-CAR, INC. is a leading and fast growing domestic car rental company, steeped in the tradition of providing excellent service to its customers.

Established on March 22, 1993 by VIRGILIO L. HIZON, President and CEO, SAFARI has risen to its present status as a stable and reliable car rental company. This feat was achieved through sheer hard work and dedication in providing quality service to mostly major corporations, both local and multi-national, as well as to some select individuals.

As a testament to its stability, SAFARI’s growth was achieved even as it weathered through difficult economic conditions, such as the Asian Financial Crisis in 1997 and the Sub-Prime Meltdown in the United States in 2008.

From a modest two-room structure that served as its main office in 1993, SAFARI now occupies two main floors of a spanking brand new building at #1839 Eureka St, La Paz Village Makati City. From this new Headquarters, well trained employees keep track of client’s reservations and bookings, as well as dispatching, with the aid of a modern computerized system, ensuring an efficient workflow.

The same system helps in the recording and monitoring of the various maintenance and repair procedures done on SAFARI’s fleet, which currently number more than 500 vehicles. This monitoring system ensures the roadworthiness of the fleet.

Safari understands that it owes everything to its customers. Hence, it is always ready to review and overhaul its procedures and processes if  need be, to achieve its ultimate goal, that is, to delight you, our customers.


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  • Mercantile Insurance Co., Inc.
  • Fortune General Insurance Corp.
  • Seaboard Eastern Ins. Co., Inc.
  • Standard Insurance Co., Inc.


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